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Our experience to date shows WebExaminer deliver a fast, reliable, secure solution in a fast moving and high volume daily test environment. WebExaminer are a client driven, highly professional company, who are now an invaluable partner to k12. We would therefore have no hesitation in recommending WebExaminer to other organisations.

Scott Balwinski, Vice-President School Services,

Webe Xaminer

End-to-End Online Examination Process

Build and create your online exams & tests with ease. We are a leading provider of e-assessment systems with partners across the UK and US. We provide end-to-end assessment platforms for some of the world's leading online educators and are proud to be a partner to for over 10 years.



A number of leading educators, including online schools, book publishers and tutoring organisations, enjoy a working partnership with WebExaminer. Check out our case studies page to read more on how we work with our partners to design, develop and deliver their global e-assessment programmes.


Online Education Programs

We support the uploading of your curriculum map to allow you to define the main topics and categories that your questions belong. Our comprehensive item bank management means you can completely integrate e-assessment with your existing publications and tests to create an online syllabus and curriculum.

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Examination boards are increasingly moving their exams to the web. We have worked with a number of examination boards to find solutions to this challenge, devising ways to take very varied question and exam structures online. This includes digitising past papers but also designing online tests that are true recreations of paper exams.

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K12 Student Assessment Programs

We work with education providers and online schools across the world. We provide them with innovative solutions to assess, test and monitor their students within a system tailored to their specific needs and formats.

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HR & Pre-Employment Testing

We can offer companies a range of testing tools that will save time and resources. Our pre-hire testing solutions will help you find the right candidates with the right skills and ability. We will do everything for you; registering applicants, organising an online test for them, through to providing recruiters with immediate results and analysis.

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WebExaminer is an end-to-end assessment platform for the secure management and delivery of on-screen examinations and tests. We offer computer-based testing tools that enable your team to author questions for your tests & assessments. Proven scalability, ongoing software updates and support services.


With over 10 years of experience designing & developing assessment portals for a number of educational institutions, you are in safe hands with WebExaminer.



k12 is currently using WebExaminer as our sole provider of a Virtual Academy placement tests. This is a very vital part of our overall business model. Our experience to date with Web Examiner we have found them to be fast reliable and providing a secure solution to our business needs. This is very important to our fast-paced high-volume business.

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