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We always aim to give clients a precise set of features and configuration according to their needs. We therefore talk with each client to determine their requirement and goals. We then build and configure our system to meet your needs.

In most cases WebExaminer applies a charge per test taker, however our experience tells us different organizations have widely differing needs and so we are flexible and offer fixed price licenses that carry an upper limit as to maximum number of admin users and test seats.

If you adopt WebExaminer out-of the box then the set up will free. If you require a custom solution then the set up cost will depend on what customisations you need. Typically you may require Single Sign ON (SSO) so your users don't need a separate WebExaminer login, integration with your learning management systems, e-commerce or ERP systems.

Our annual fee varies depending on the expected amount of test takers. We usually agree with clients the maximum number of test seats and admin seats they require each year and set that as a limit. A test-seat is consumed each time a test taker sits a test. There can be an unlimited number of tests in the system, an unlimited amount of questions in the database, and an unlimited numbers of exams can be served. Please contact us for particular pricing.

There is no charge for admin users - your authors, editors, administrators, director of studies, teachers etc., who need access to the system to manage the questions, create and deliver and the tests.

All branding is included.

All hosting related fees are included.

WebExaminer is always happy to provide customisations to our platform and bespoke extensions. We include a set number of consultancy hours free of charge in all our WebExaminer packages; costs for any further consultancy would be quoted and agreed in advance of any work being undertaken. We always endeavour to keep any charges to a minimum.

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