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FastCat is built on over 10 years of experience in online computer-based testing, item authoring, item banking, test assembly and delivery. An intuitive end-to-end e-assessment system, designed to meet the needs of a range of testing organizations.

Our platform is proven in high volume daily test environments with peak time student traffic.

Free of charge, we help you get started with the donkey work: tasks such as uploading your paper based tests, uploading your curriculum, creating custom tags you may need. Our expert team is on hand to assist at your convenience. Of course you can do all this yourself, using the FastCat platform, but if you want some help just shout and we’ll do this free of charge.


FastCat manages your entire assessment life cycle, from uploading your questions to a database, creating tests and delivery of those tests to your students/candidates. We offer a full range of features that make authoring questions, designing custom tests, publishing and hosting tests straightforward. These include:

Item banking & item bank calibration

Data analytics & item statistics

Classical & adaptive testing

Item authoring & review

Fast automated assembly of tests

Creation of tests from pre-established templates

Tools for handling complex mathematical and scientific formulae

Publishing tests to students, groups, or entire schools immediately

Delivery of password login emails & email results

Quickly publish & deliver tests with time limits

Candidate management & upload of candidate lists

SSL-secured authoring sites & student test portals

Free Support


Our clients and their students receive test results and analysis instantly. Clients also have access to a suite of reports, including:

Student assessment, placement recommendation and proficiency rating

Student percentile ranking within peer group and at-risk notification

Strand analysis showing breakdown of scores by strand or sub-topic

Comparative analysis reports across schools, classes and age groups

Speed analysis showing average times for each question

Overall exam times and breaks taken


FastCat IRT

Our Item Response Theory (IRT) engine determines mastery of a topic or subject using the fewest number of test items. This is a psychometric model which works by matching questions to the ability of examinees, resulting in improved measurement and better score reliability.

FastCat CTT

This classical testing engine presents all examinees with the same fixed number of items, the sequence and difficulty of which is configured in advance.

FastCat LITE

This CAT engine can deliver adaptive testing using a smaller bank of items. It allows you to set a quick adaptive test, for example for pre-interview, without requiring the extensive question bank needed for full adaptive testing.

FastCat K12

An adaptive engine designed for K-12 student placement tests that accurately assesses a student’s skill level and makes a recommendation as to which grade level the student would be best placed.

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