Ever felt lost in the maze of e-assessment products?

You’ve trialled lots of e-assessment solutions but they never quite fit……. SOS WebExaminer. We will customize your solution for FREE. If you commit to WebExaminer, we will offer you the expert services of our dedicated team to create a tailor-made solution just for you, free of charge.

We have already done this for a number of clients, devising creative solutions to individual problems. For example, a publisher had a variety of question types in their exams and got very stuck finding an e-assessment solution for their ‘multi-part’ questions. So we just wrote one for them. They then came up with the brilliant idea of linking their questions to their extensive range of educational products, but couldn’t find any e-assessment provider to handle this. So WebExaminer devised a tailor-made solution and guess what? Sales went up immediately.

And there are lots more examples – see our case studies.

Of course, all the regular stuff you’d expect from an e-assessment solution is handled with ease by WebExaminer:


Testing Platform

WebExaminer can be used to deliver any type of test or assessment you may need, be it for student grade placement, pre-hire testing, employee evaluation or ongoing skills assessment. WebExaminer will help you track candidate/student activity to show progress and to build reliable reports.

K-12 Schools

Placement Testing

WebExaminer can be used to deliver placement testing solutions. WebExaminer is established as the strategic assessment tool of choice by leading k-12 online school programs in the US.

A Valuable

Pre-Hire tool

WebExaminer’s Online Testing Platform streamlines the hiring process by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates immediately, thus saving time and money, and helping you make a more informed recruitment decision. Results are available immediately, either online or by email.

Solutions for

Exam publishers

Our platform supports the modelling of online syllabuses and curriculums, tagging questions accordingly. WebExaminer is the assessment partner of choice for leading exam publishers.

Intuitive Test

Assembly Tool

Create tests easily using our advanced test assembly tool. The intuitive interface lets you create tests quickly.


Student Enrolment

WebExaminer provides our school customers with a student registration API so that your new student registrations filter through to us. This lets you enrol new students once automatically. Once registered, we send them an e-mail notification of the tests they have been registered for. This is best for assigning students to private or paid tests.



Tag items by keyword and metadata, and then quickly put together custom tests by searching for questions based on their tags. We provide advanced tagging for search by educational purpose tags such as key stage, grade, level, attainment target, strand, sub strand, topic.


Your tests are fully customizable. You set the parameters such as pass score, partial-credit, question order randomization, answer choice shuffling, test times or not. For practice you can allow viewing correct answers after each question.


WebExaminer Online Testing Platform supports various types of advanced scoring algorithms.


Testing Algorithm

Responses to each question are evaluated by WebExaminer’s own algorithms, thus determining the right level of difficulty for the next question to make sure the test result is a true measure of the individual's knowledge.

Range of

Question Types

WebExaminer lets you create a variety of different types of questions including Multiple-choice, Reading Passage, Multi-Part Question, Identification of sentence errors, Improving Sentences, Range of Function, Drag and Drop, Short Answer question , Cloze, Drop-down list.



We provide a free tool for handling questions using complex mathematical and scientific formulae without the need for uploading graphics.

One Stop


WebExaminer ensures everything is kept in one place. There is a powerful centralized back office site to manage all your tests. Manage your item banks, tests and users, deliver tests, view results and reports all from a single administration site.



WebExaminer’s responsive theme allows students to sit tests optimized for Mobile, Web or Tablet.

Any Device


WebExaminer is compatible with all leading browsers, mobiles, tablets or desktop, providing ultimate flexibility.

Pass or


Test results are made available online as soon as the test is completed. Decisions can be made quickly or pointers given for improvement of knowledge and skills. A comprehensive reporting suite drills down on the detail and reports can be compiled easily and quickly.



Our item banking system is used for item storage, item creation, editing, tagging, change tracking, bulk import of items and export to XML. Our unique item banking system allows you to easily link questions to your products and original question sources.

Link Questions to

Your Products

Publishing houses use WebExaminer to link questions to their range of exam papers and books. This allows reporting to identify which topics students are falling down in and to make recommendations as to the most appropriate books to next purchase to address the gaps in the student’s knowledge.

Item Authoring and


The system allows you to import and export questions to XML. Tag items and quickly locate questions in very large item banks with powerful search by keywords and educational purpose tags. Items can include stimulus (e.g. reading comprehension passage).



WebExaminer helps make sales of your test product as easy as possible, letting you set up subscriptions packages for repeat purchases.


Sign On

The WebExaminer Single Sign On (SSO) process allows for a smooth user experience and seamless movement from your site into the WebExaminer system without requiring the user to log in a second time. This process avoids the need to distribute WebExaminer login information to your users.

Authorisation and


WebExaminer’s authorisation and authentication process provides hooks for student authorization and authentication.



WebExaminer’s detailed reporting suite gives you all the information you need to assess strengths and weaknesses and highlight areas for improvement. Results can be presented graphically and exported to a CSV file.

Publish Results To

External Systems

WebExaminer’s results process provides a method for which assessment results are pushed to an external system in real-time.

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