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Education has moved into a new sphere, to be accessed anytime, anywhere. With the help of WebExaminer you can make exams available for sale 24/7.

Professional associations, exam and textbook publishers and awarding bodies are amongst those who wish to make their tests commercially available to wider audiences. Our online platform can be your shop window for this market. It makes it easy and profitable to put some or your entire test catalogue online. Everything is automated from registration to payment, and from communication of results, to issuing of certificates. We have a proven track record in this field, getting customers up and running to sell their range of test products online.

We brand and customise all the websites, tests and e-mail communications. It also allows you to track usage. This means you can understand what your customers want and like, thus getting the best commercial value out of your test catalogue.

How it works

  1. You select tests or exams from your catalogue that you wish to make available for purchase online. The catalogue is easy to use and maintain. New assessment packages can be easily created and made available to customers.

  2. Create self-registration forms so that your customers can first create their account, make payment and take the test. You just decide the test package and the subscription model (e.g. a 3 month subscription to your Maths tests). We will manage that subscription model for you and allow access to the test packages your customers have purchased. Upon successful payment your customers would be able to take the test immediately.

  3. Your customers, who could be students, parents, teachers or schools, buy a subscription via a secure shopping cart. Once registered and payment is successful we will then send your users the unique link to start the exam or embed the exam within your website and let us take care of the rest.

  4. Students can then sit the tests their subscription covers. Your customers receive access to all the results and analysis normally available on the WebExaminer platform.

  5. Communications about new subscription and subscription renewals and new assessment packages are all automated.

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