FASTCAT Test Assembler gets your tests online quickly and easily, automating the creation of custom tests from large item banks.

Automate the chore and tedium of creating custom tests!

Say goodbye to the grind of creating custom tests. FASTCAT TestAssembler’s interface is simple and intuitive.
It consists of three parts:

Part 1 - Measurement Model

Specify the measurement model (either CTT or IRT) and other test parameters and constraints including test time limit, question time limit, pass mark, partial scoring rules, per student question order randomization and shuffling of answer choices.

Part 2 - Test Content

Specify the number of content areas you want to test, the number of items in each content area, and then make choices from the category dropdown and filtered subcategories lists for each content area. Click “ Preview” and your new test is created in just a few seconds! Click ‘ Preview’ to inspect and review the test online.

Part 3 - Publish and Deliver

Select the student group or specific student you wish to publish and deliver the test to. Click ‘Preview’, upon which the student, candidate or parent will be emailed a link to the test, together with their username and password which he or she will need in order to log in.

Saving you time and money

Imagine you need to be able to assemble a set of short drills from a large K-12 item bank with items at various difficulties across multiple categories and sub categories. To put these tests together manually could take you hours of work. FASTCAT Assembler can complete this process accurately in only a few short minutes.

Having reviewed the test you then need to publish that test to a school, a specific group of students or selectively or to a particular student. The FASTCAT test assembler allows you to execute the test delivery process in seconds.

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